About Us

We are Lauren and Tiffany, brides to be and creators of and the shop! Every product on our website has been handmade by us or carefully selected from some of our favourite small businesses.

How we met
We met through our wedding Instagram accounts, we got chatting as our weddings were 1 week apart and we had both got engaged 1 month apart! We had a lot in common and shared in the planning excitement. After lockdown in March 2020 we decided to set up a Zoom call for a weekly virtual games night with our fiances and then became bridal besties from there! To this day we still haven't met in person, with Lauren living in Edinburgh and Tiffany in Southampton, we live at opposite ends of the country and Covid has made it pretty difficult to meet (even though it feels like we've met already!).

The story behind the blog
In May 2020 after we both postponed our September 2020 weddings we both felt deflated about planning and like the excitement was gone from the wedding Instagram community. At that point we had no idea when weddings would even be allowed to take place again. We wanted to create a wedding blog with inspiration and advice created for brides, from brides, with love (hence where our name comes from). The blog started with our Lockdown Love series showing couples celebrating their 'would be' wedding day and still celebrating their love. Everyone loved this series so much that we did 3 parts with over 100 couples! We also reached out to some 2019 real brides and asked them to share their wedding days, to remind brides just how much they have to look forward to and that it will be worth the wait. Our blog focus has always been spreading positivity, and showing that love always wins. Once weddings could take place again, we started #MicroweddingWeek to show that even with 2020 restrictions weddings could still be the best day ever - and this is still our message.

If you want to know more or ever want to ask some advice, drop us a line to

Lauren & Tiffany xo